The Weston A. Price Foundation
This website contains comprehensive information on soy and healthy diets. I have been following the diet that Weston A. Price and Sally Fallon recommend and I look about 10-15 years younger than my age, am very healthy, and have lots of energy. Go to my bookstore to buy Sally’s cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, which will give you a lot of great information about healthy diets.

Go Beyond Organic
This website belongs to my husband, who is a pioneer in the fields of agriculture, gardening, water, and health. On this site, he offers a lot of free information. For more personalized paid consultations, you can contact him directly at (727) 447-2344 during EST business hours.

Sherril Sellman
This website belongs to Sherril Sellman, who is an authority in the field of hormones. I have quoted her in my book. By going to this website, you can subscribe to her free email newsletter.

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