Here are several books that I would like to recommend as I have read and lived by many of them, and feel that they are very helpful to the health and wellbeing of you and your family.
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Thank you and Enjoy!

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
by William McDonough & Michael Braungart
I studied this book quite thoroughly and highly recommend it–though I don’t always agree with everything it says! The important thing is that the authors and I agree that we must develop ways of providing for our human needs in ways that expand good for all life rather than being less bad, and they explain just how they propose manufacturers can do that. This book is written for the business community, but applies to consumers as well, as we all need to make this change together.

Nourishing Traditions
by Sally Fallon
This book is a wonderful nutritional bible on healthy and delicious cooking and eating based on “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price. If you want to be healthy and to raise healthy children, then this book is for you. I have met Sally and she has had dinner at my house. I was very impressed with her and her message.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
by Weston A. Price, DDS
This is THE diet bible! My husband and I eat Dr. Price’s traditional way and now look and feel years younger than we actually are chronologically.

Eat Fat, Lose Fat
by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig
If you have ever struggled with weight issues, then this book is a must. It is not the Atkins diet, but uses a falsely maligned oil as its basis for weight loss and metabolism healing–coconut oil. I use coconut oil every day and highly recommend it. Coconut milk is a great alternative to coffee creamers.

The Whole Soy Story
by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN
This book tells the true story about soy. While many think it is a great health food, in actuality, it creates many of the health problems we are experiencing today. If you want to learn the truth about soy, read this book!

Why Grassfed is Best
by Jo Robinson
Red meat has been given a bad name but the truth is that when you eat red meat from animals that have been properly fed and correctly raised with organic standards, it is actually the healthiest food and best source of protein you could eat. It is the antibiotics, hormones, unhealthy environment and treatment, and incorrect diet that makes red meat bad for us. “You are what you eat” is not just true for humans, it is true for all life. Read this book to find out more!

Don’t Eat This Book
by Morgan Spurlock
If you want to stop eating fast food, or get your teens to do so, then read this book and watch the “Supersize Me” DVD which you can find in my aStore on my Links page.

Sweet Deception
One of the most comprehensive and readable discussions of the dangers of manufactured artificial sweeteners in print. Also be sure to check out the partner DVD “Sweet Misery” in my aStore.

The Happiest Baby on the Block
by Harvey Karp
The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer.
I wish this book had been around when my son was small. Because he and I both suffered from pregnancy complications, he was cranky and suffered from colic. If you want a happy baby or want to handle one who’s not happy, then this book is a must!

No More Antibiotics!
by Dr. Mary Ann Block
“Preventing and Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections The Natural Way”
As someone who has suffered from respiratory infections, and who learned to handle them naturally, I recommend learning how to do so.

No More ADHD
by Dr. Mary Ann Block
There are many reasons for hyperactivity. Sometimes a child has food allergies, dust or dander allergies, chemical sensitivities, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. No child has a ritalin deficiency. Some children who are drugged aren’t even hyperactive, but only require tutoring. I support finding alternatives to stimulant drugs, and this book can help start you on your journey.

Home Safe Home: Creating a Healthy Home Environment by Reducing Exposure to Toxic Household Products
by Debra Lynn Dadd
This book, by my best friend, “The Queen of Green”, is the quintessential reference for toxic chemicals in the home and their alternatives. You can have a safe non-toxic home and this book will help you begin.

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