Catherine Kao - Wife, Mother & Author
Catherine Kao – Wife, Mother & Author

Do you want someone to take care of you at the end of the day?

Someone to be sensitive to your needs?

Then YOU need some nurturing!

Like most women in the last three decades, my first priority was my career. As I struggled up the corporate ladder, I got to the point in my early thirties, where I questioned my career choices, my goals in life, and my marriage. I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled, but couldn’t pinpoint the reason why.

I had everything a liberated woman could want–a good career, money, and a family. Why did I feel unhappy at the passage of years? Why wasn’t my marriage happier? Why didn’t I feel fulfilled combining my career with motherhood? Rather than fulfillment, I felt tired and guilty almost all of the time.

And so, I embarked on a journey to find what was missing in my life, and found that the missing ingredient in my life was nurturing. As I began to restore nurturing to my family and myself, I saw my attitudes change. I began to find more opportunities to be nurturing. As I nurtured my family and others, they began to nurture me. My need for nurturing had come full circle. As I provided nurturing, I in turn, received it. I now have the nurturing I need–from many loved ones around me.

As a result of nurturing others and receiving nurturing in return, I feel more feminine, more creative, more artistic, more comfortable with myself and who I am. As I made nurturing my family and others my first priority, my marriage became happier and more satisfying and my relationships deepened.

I am in the process of publishing a book about nurturing and how the lack of it affects us, our families, and society at large–plus what wonderful things can happen when nurturing is restored! It is called “The Family’s Missing Ingredient” and until it is available, you can subscribe to my free newsletter called The Nurturing Home. In each issue, I’ll give you a tip or two on how you can start your own nurturing journey.

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